All products presented in our online store and bear the indication "In stock" are immediately available for shipment providing the possibility of receiving your orders within 24 hours throughout Greece with BOX NOW ! . The estimated delivery date depends on the time and day you place your order and is displayed on the product page as well as at checkout in the shipping method BOX NOW .


You don't wait, it waits for you.

THE BOX NOW is a new generation of couriers that develops the largest network of automatic parcel receiving machines in Greece (BOX NOW Lockers) that allows customers to receive their orders easily and quickly around the clock. BOX NOW Lockers are placed outdoors and easily accessible 24 hours a day. They operate exclusively through renewable energy sources and allow easy and fast delivery of orders. The shipping cost is only 2 euros.

Step 1. Choose the mailbox that serves you.

Find your Locker HERE and simply put the address of the Locker that serves you as the shipping address at check out!

Step 2. As soon as the package arrives in your mailbox, you receive a notification.

Within 24 hours, you receive an SMS notification that your parcel is in the mailbox you have chosen. IMPORTANT to fill in your mobile phone at check out!

Step 3. You go to pick up your package from the drop box, 24/7.

A PIN code is written in the SMS you have received. As soon as you arrive at the mailbox, you enter the PIN code, your mailbox opens automatically and you receive your package. Your package can remain in the mailbox for 48 hours, while upon request you can extend the duration for another 24 hours.


1200+ Lockers available 24/7 throughout Greece.

 Same day within Athens.
 Within 24 hours in the rest of Greece.
 Availability 24/7. You can receive your orders at any time and day that suits you. The service gives you the freedom and complete control over the delivery process.
 We respect the environment. The automatic parcel receiving machines operate with 100% solar energy and do not require electricity.