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Pay as you like! At you can choose from the following well-known and proven payment methods that you want!

Fast payment for PayPal account holders.

If you have a credit or debit card, you can use it during the process of filling out the order form. The payment process via credit/debit cards is covered by the most modern security standards. The transaction management service we work with is Stripe , a global company that manages transactions for companies such as, amazon, google, Microsoft, etc. Under no circumstances do we have access to the card's personal information, which is managed only by Stripe with the most modern security protocols.

You can choose between 30+ different payment methods, from international and local payment schemes, to digital wallets and alternative payment methods using Viva Wallet.

A payment method that allows you, easily & quickly, to pay for your order using the e-banking codes of your banking institution with a bank account charge without having to remember the IBAN of our e-shop, your order code or any other information. Everything is done from our side without any additional action from you.

*With Viva Wallet option in the payment method

Pay for your purchase in 3 interest-free payments to spread the cost of your purchase over time.

* our store does not support cash on delivery as a payment method